Shallow Bath


from Hydrothermic Remedies...


  • Tub bath with 10-15cm of water 16-24°C
  • Patient's feet pre-warmed large Cold Compress on head
  • Patient sits in bath and rubs arms, legs and chest vigorously while attendant rubs hips and back.
  • cold water dipped from tub is dashed over shoulders and back rubbing shoulders and back.
  • Patient then lies in bath and rubs chest and abdomen while attendant rubs legs
  • Once or twice as needed
  • time 2-4 min
  • Skin should have decided glow on emerging from bath otherwise the proper effect has not been obtained.



from Dr JH Kellogg's Hydriatic Techniques...

cold 15, 13-18°C, cool 24, 21-27°C

  • Tub with 10-15cm of water, a sheet, 2 towels, a large dipper.

Fluxion, Derivative

Tonic Shallow Bath:

18-24°C, 1-3 min

  • Patient must be warm, head protected by wet towel 15°C.

One Minute Cycle:

  1. Patient sits in tub, legs extended, rubbing own arms, chest and abdomen. One staff rubs the back, sides legs 20sec or better... One staff rubs legs, another the sides and back 20sec
  2. Dip water from tub pour on the back 10sec
  3. Rubbing continues especially back and sides 20sec
  4. Patient lies, staff vigorously rub legs 10sec
  5. Repeat every minute for as long as desired.
  • First bath the feeble 15-30 sec with two staff
  • If patient chills, dry well, put to bed, wrapped warmly
  • If local congestion, dash the water over the area as well as back

Use in:-

Derivative Shallow Bath:

21-27°C, 6-10min in:

Antipyretic Shallow Bath:

begin at 35°C and Cold Pail Pour with vigorous rubbing until 23°C 6-15min in:

If chilled, remove, rub dry and wrap in warm blankets

Combined Shallow Bath:

2 tubs: shallow 21°C with full tub 15°C

  • Begin with heating treatment then full bath 3-5sec, then shallow

Standing Shallow Bath:

Patient stands in a Foot Bath 23-27°C 1-3min.

  • Vigorous friction by 2 staff.
  • Pours, dipped from bath, every 20sec to spine, chest and shoulders
  • When rubbing legs constantly dip hands.
  • Finish with cold Pail Pour 14°C, quickly dried and rubbed.
  • Moderate exercise until good reaction.
  • Best time is first thing in morning, skin must be warm

Sedative Shallow or Half Bath:

27-30°C, very vigorous rubbing in:



from Dr GK Abbott's Prescriptions...

Vigorous Tonic 2-4min

  • A full length tub partially filled (15cm) with cold water 18-24°C
  • Before entering feet must be warm and Cooling Compress to head
  • Initially patient sits and both patient and attendant rub the legs and hips vigorously.
  • Then cold Pail Pour from bath on shoulders and back with associated vigorous rubbing.
  • The patient lies down and rubs chest and abdomen while attendant rubs legs.
  • Repeat once if desired.
  • The water covers only half the body.
  • Gradually decrease the temperature over a few days.
  • Skin must have "decided glow" on leaving the bath if effect is attained.