Cooling Friction

SYN: Ablutions


from Hydrothermic Remedies...

Face Water at 10-18°C, other water 35-36°C



Washing the body not so much for cleansing but for cooling and stimulation.

Physiologic Effects

  1. To stimulate the cutaneous nerve endings
  2. To increase muscle tone
  3. To cause vasodilation
  4. To increase heat loss through the skin
  5. To deepen respiration


  1. Acute Retention Fever especially in children
  2. Functional Neurological Symptom Disorder
  3. Early or mild Insomnia


  1. Treatment room should be warm
  2. Expose only the area to be washed at a time


  1. Rubber sheets
  2. Two bed sheets
  3. One blanket
  4. A bath mitt, towel or wash cloth
  5. One container of water 18-10°C - to wash hands and face
  6. One container of water 35-36°C - to wash the rest of the body


  • Cover patient with a sheet - patient may stand in shower or lie down on a bed protected by rubber sheet
  • Soak mitt (or towel or washcloth) in water, wring, and apply with friction to the part (bare hands may also be used)
  • Start with face and hands, finish with feet
  • Dry the skin and cover with a dry towel or blanket as each area is washed
  • Make sure patient does not get chilled
  • Dry and put away equipment