Towel Bath


from Hydrothermic Remedies...

Water: 40-45°C


Washing the body with a hot, wet soaped towel, for cleansing and refreshing.

Physiologic Effects

  1. To initially stimulate the cutaneous nerve endings, but the more lasting effect is to sooth and relax the nervous system.
  2. To relieve and reduce mild fevers, due to evaporation from the skin.


  1. Bedbound patients or those unable to take a regular bath
  2. Anxiety and Stress
  3. Functional Neurological Symptom Disorder
  4. Mild Retention Fevers where the skin is cold and cyanotic


  1. Two bed sheets to replace those on the bed.
  2. Two Turkish towels, one large one small
  3. Wash cloth
  4. Blanket
  5. A large strong plastic bag or a basin.
  6. Bath oil
  7. Liquid baby soap
  8. Very hot (40-45°C) water
  9. Towel to dry the patient


Important Considerations

  • Make sure the room is warm, free of drafts and private
  • Expose the patient for as short a time as possible
  • Make sure the patient is warm and dry after treatment


  • Remove the patient's clothing and cover with a sheet to prevent chilling and protect the patient's privacy.
  • Roll the towels and wash cloth and place them in a large plastic bag or basin.
  • Fill a large pitcher with hot water. To this add liquid baby soap and a small amount of bath oil. Stir and pour it over the towels and wash cloth.
  • At the patient's bedside, wring the large towel out and quickly begin to spread it over the patient from neck to toes. Remove the sheet as you go so that you don't get it wet.
  • With the towel spread over the patient, use the towel to briskly rub the patient. Start at the feet and move up toward the head. Be sure to rub the backs of the arms and legs. As you finish with an area, remove that section of the towel and pull the sheet up to cover the patient.
  • Have the patient roll over onto their stomach or side and use the smaller towel to repeat the procedure on the back.
  • Give the towel to the patient so that they can clean their perineal area. If they are unable to do this, do it for them.
  • Use the wash cloth to clean the patient's face and neck.

Completion of Treatment

  • Use a dry towel to dry the patient and apply lotion or baby powder as desired.