Neutral Tub Bath


from Hydrothermic Remedies...

The neutral bath is used for sedative purposes and as such is quite helpful in cases of insomnia.

Water 34 - 37°C



Immersion of the body in a tub of water at a neutral temperature (34 - 37°C).

Physiologic Effects

  1. Circulation is equalized and blood is drawn away from the brain
  2. Calms the nerves


  1. Insomnia
  2. Nervous Exhaustionor Nervous System Irritability
  3. Diseases of the heart and blood vessels where more extreme hot or cold cannot be used (such as Diabetes and Arteriosclerosis)
  4. Cleansing
  5. Anxiety
  6. Chronic Diarrhoea - especially diarrhoea induced by anxiety
  7. Multiple Neuritis
  8. Burns - only burnt area need be in the water


  1. Eczema and other skin conditions aggravated by water
  2. Severe Cardiac Insufficiency


  1. Bath thermometer
  2. Bath towels and bath mat if desired
  3. 2 sheets and shower cap
  4. Air pillow or folded towel for patient's head


Important Considerations

  • The temperature will vary with the condition of the patient especially with regard to skin temperature, season of the year, temperature of the room, etc.
  • All heat treatments should precede the neutral bath
  • If patient is in the bath longer than one hour, lubricate the skin with a lanolin cream

Preparation for Treatment

  • Fill the tub sufficient to cover the patient at with water temperature 34 - 37°C.
  • Assemble equipment
  • Room should be, warm, quiet and with subdued light
  • The bath should feel comfortably warm, hence the patients sensation is a better guide than a thermometer


  • Assist patient into tub; make comfortable with a air pillow or folded Turkish towels under hips and behind head such there is no strain
  • Cover exposed body parts with a towel or cover tub with a sheet or light blanket; Instruct patient to lie quietly and relax
  • If the bath lasts longer than 15-20 minutes, add more warm water to maintain temperature
  • Stay with patient; do not talk unless by so doing you can keep the patient quiet
  • Duration: from 15-20 minutes to 3-4 hours
  • Cool the bath two to three degrees if necessary at close of treatment
  • Assist patient out of the bath
  • Dry quickly without friction or unnecessary rubbing
  • Assist patient with dressing or going to bed, as needed

Completion of Treatment

  • The patient should have undisturbed rest for at least 30 minutes


from Dr JH Kellogg's Hydriatic Techniques...

35, 33-36°C 31°C, prolonged

  • Be careful to prevent heat loss after the bath.
  • Wrap well in sheet and blanket

Sedative and Restorative in:

Eliminative in


begin at 37°C rapidly drop to 33°C, 30min-2 hours

  • continued Fevers, patients who have not had cold treatment early
  • for infants 5-10min, elderly and feeble 10 min. Repeat every 2 hours or whenever body temperature reaches 38°C.




from Dr GK Abbott's Prescriptions...


  • equalises circulation by reducing the amount of blood in brain and spinal cord
  • Temperature varies according to skin temperature and to a lesser extent season.
  • in Insomnia
    • Patient must always be warm beforehand especially feet
    • 35-36°C, 15-30min or longer in quiet, warm room
    • stretch sheet across top of bath to avoid drafts
    • finish by lowering water temperature to 34°C
    • dry with a sheet immediately on rising
    • use no percussion or unnecessary rubbing