Half Bath


from Hydrothermic Remedies...

Hot Half Bath for infants and small children

Water 39°C


  • Derivative for:- Upper Body Congestion Pain Relief


An immersion bath in which the child sits in a tub or a basin filled with enough hot water (39°C) to cover his legs, hips and trunk up to his navel.

Physiologic Effects

  1. Draws blood from upper body to lower body and from the internal organs to the skin.
  2. Relieves Pain.
  3. Eases congestion in upper part of body.


  1. Upper respiratory infections
  2. Sinus problems
  3. Teething Pain
  4. Delirium in ChildhoodFevers


  1. Tub or sink large enough for child to sit in with his legs out straight
  2. Bath thermometer
  3. Towels (2) - one to place on the bottom of the tub for child to sit on and one to dry with at the end
  4. Cup or small bucket (to dip water out so water will remain at navel height)
  5. Spare pajama top or long-sleeved undershirt


Important Considerations

  • Be sure water is at correct temperature
  • Have room warm and free of drafts

Preparation for Treatment

  • Assemble all equipment
  • Read over instructions so you know what, when and how.
  • To prevent chilling, keep arms, shoulders and chest completely covered; have child wear pajama top or long-sleeved undershirt and roll up bottom to just below nipples to keep dry.


  • Fill tub to proper height with 39°C throughout the treatment.
  • Strip child except pajama top and roll it up so that it does not get wet.
  • Put child in water (5-10 minutes)
  • Keep water temperature up to 39°C throughout the treatment.
  • Conclude treatment by removing child from the water and dry immediately and as quickly as possible; use no cold; put on pajama bottoms and socks and put him to bed. He should be keep comfortably warm in bed for at least 1 1/2 hours before getting up and dressing; staying in bed overnight is even better.

Completion of Treatment

  • Treatment may also be completed with a single Pail Pour to back of neck and shoulders

Hot Half-Bath for Adults

Most bath tubs in the home are not long enough to permit complete immersion of the body. Actually this is a safety factor since an appreciable area of the body is exposed to the air, which helps to dissipate heat. The most comfortable and probably most used posture in the tub is sitting in the tub with legs, thighs, hips and lower abdomen in the water. This is the half-bath with the hot water adjusted to tolerance. Although this may be considered a local bath, there is enough of the body immersed so that it also has more marked general effect. As with the bath for the child (above) the effect will draw blood from the upper part of the body. See the discussion of the full Hot Tub Bath.


  1. Severe Headache - very hot with mustard.
  2. Problems treated by Sitz Bath


from Dr JH Kellogg's Hydriatic Techniques...

Cool Half Bath

Water: 18-26°C


Prevent chills in Malaria

Cool, Neutral or Hot

  • Patient sits in tub with water up to the umbilicus
  • No need to rub as in Shallow Bath
  • Substitute for hot Sitz Bath as it does not restrict nerves or circulation

Powerful Revulsives and Analgesic

38-48°C, 3-10min, in: leg pain in


33-36°C, 10-60 min: in


from Dr GK Abbott's Prescriptions...

Same uses and effects as Revulsive Sitz

  • Bath tub, water to patient's navel when sitting, 38-39°C
  • Patient sits, shoulders covered with sheet, head kept cool with cold towel applied just before bath.
  • Precordial Compress if required.
  • Gradually raise temperature to approx. 43°C and continue 3-8min
  • Finish with cold Pail Pour to hips.