Cephalic Douche


from Dr JH Kellogg's Hydriatic Techniques...

  • Pail Pour to the back of the head and neck.
  • Patient either lies prone, head down over end of bed or sitting in bath (38°C),
  • ears and shoulders protected by towels and
  • water poured over head to run down neck and spine
  • Take care, begin slowly.
  • For more control, safety and convenience use:

Repeated Cold: (rare) 15-10°C

Prolonged Cold : Depressant can lead to suffocation or cardiac arrest use carefully in

Short Cold: vasodilation in brain, Excitant, in:

Short Tepid: Pour 27-33°C, 3-5 min Sedative in

Neutral Fan Douche: to occiput and neck after general Neutral Douche

Hot Pour: with caution in

Alternate in: