Scotch Douche


from Dr JH Kellogg's Hydriatic Techniques...

Revulsives Antiphlogistic Derivative Fluxion Tonic

  • Usually Fan or Spray,
  • Long heat (1-4 min), short cold for 3-30sec.

Tonic and Stimulating ie circulatory and thermic reaction

  • preliminary heat is just sufficient to warm the skin
  • cold is 30-40 seconds ie until shivering, pallor or chilliness

Derivative and Sedative ie Circulatory reaction only:

  • cold 5-10 seconds

Derivative is to legs and feet - at finish Dry Friction in...

To counter the Sedative effects of an Analgesic heating ie no tonic reaction

  • cold 1-3 seconds used only in - acute Neuralgia

After a Sweating Treatments in

As part of Graduated Tonic Cold:

  • Hot: Shower 37-41°C, 1-3min ie until patient is warmed
    • Wet hair with cold water and protect head with cold towel soaked at 15°C
    • Cold must follow hot instantly
  • Cold:18-10°C (as low as tolerated) 5-20 sec where Cold Douche is contra-indicated:
    • use 21-30°C, and longer and greater pressure
    • begin with Fan Douche or spray and build up to

General Scotch Douche in:

Local Scotch in:

Analgesic for chronic pain

Graduated Scotch:

  • Begin at 38°C, gradually increase to 43-49°C, hold 2 or more minutes. Gradually but rapidly decrease to minimum temperature
  • Each treatment make the minimum temperature lower, beginning at around 15°C below the maximum, until the difference is 25°C


from Dr GK Abbott's Prescriptions...