Simultaneous Scotch Douche


from Dr JH Kellogg's Hydriatic Techniques...

  • Tonic While patient in Shower 38-39°C, cold douche to sequential parts of the body, held out of Shower 2-5 seconds each.
  • Build up to strong Percussion Douche to the back.
  • To increase the intensity the body may be done several times in cold-sensitive Neurasthenia

Types of simultaneous scotch:

1. Combined Cool (18-27°C) Spinal and Hot (41-52°C) Abdominal

2. Cool Lumbar, hot Hypogastric Douche


3. Cold (10-15°C) Spinal Percussion, Hot (43-50°C) Foot Douche

  • Fan Douche or spray to the feet as long as possible to 1 min.
  • End with 2-3 quick applications of cold to the whole body with cold spray to feet and legs for 2-3 seconds. in

4. Symmetrical Combined Scotch Douche