Turkish Shampoo


from Dr GK Abbott's Prescriptions...

The most thorough cleaning measure.

To finish after Diaphoretics.

Precede by manipulations and heavy friction to loosen 'dead skin'.

  • Two buckets of water at 32 and 38-40°C
  • Loofah or shampoo brush, soap, two towelling mitts, two sheets and towels. Hair cap for women.
  • Can perform in sauna or Russian Bath after the treatment.
  • Doubled sheet over warm slab.
  • Wet the face with 32°C water.
  • Using hands, dash water over each part separately, using long strokes, quickly covering the body.
  • Rub until dead skin is thoroughly loosened. Begin with neck, about the ears, hair, forehead, over nose and chin.
  • Wash off loosened epidermis, dipping hands frequently.
  • For chest and abdomen, after applying water, use transverse wringing and reinforced rubbing, covering each part several times.
  • Wash off with water.
  • For arms and legs use spiral friction and wringing.
  • Use thumbs to rub well about the ankles soles and knees.
  • Turn the patient to do chest, thighs and legs.
  • Wash off entire surface with water.

Friction Mitt:

  • Dip mitt in 38-40°C water
  • Beginning with back and backs of legs, go over each part twice, rubbing thoroughly.
  • Turn patient and treat chest, abdomen limbs.
  • Wash off with rest of the bucket.


  • Treat each part as with Swedish Shampoo using hands, loofah or bath brush and bucket of water at 40°C.
  • Finish with prolonged tepid or cool Shower and close with short, cold Spray .
  • Dry thoroughly with sheet and towels.
  • Ensure patient doesn't chill afterwards.