Swedish Shampoo

SYN: Slab shampoo, Soap Shampoo


from Dr GK Abbott's Prescriptions...

  • A bucket of water 40°C, on a stool at head of the slab.
  • A shampoo brush and bar of soap
  • Room must be warm.
  • If slab is cold pour 2-3 buckets of hot water over it.
  • Cover slab with a doubled sheet, help patient onto it and place air-pillow under head.
  • Quickly lather an arm by dipping the brush and soap in the bucket of hot water and rubbing together over the part.
  • Go over part thoroughly with brisk, short movements, using as much friction as can be comfortably borne.
  • Do the same with chest, abdomen and legs.
  • Assist patient to turn over by putting one arm under neck and grasping far shoulder, the other arm under the near leg and grasping the opposite knee.
  • Treat back, hips and back of legs.
  • Pour remaining water over the patient to rinse suds off.
  • Follow shampoo with warm or Cold Shower or Spray or cold Pail Pour