Postural Drainage


from Hydrothermic Remedies...

For removing chest secretions and phlegm


  • If problems are confined to single lobe or side of the lung then have the patient lie with that area uppermost. basically:
    • So if it is an upper lobe then have him sit up
    • if a mid lobe then side lying with that side up
    • if a lower lobe then place pillows under the hips and side lie so that the affected side is up and the head is down low
  • This position should be maintained for up to 30 minutes or until coughing is no longer productive.
  • By vibrating and squeezing on the chest wall with both hands during expiration an assistant can help expel the secretions and add force to the cough. Perform only on 4 breaths then allow a rest.
  • Encourage deep breathing
  • Work best if patient has drank a lot of water and after Steam Inhalation
  • For general lung problems:
    • Have patient lie on one side then the other then sit up