Liver Flush


from Hydrothermic Remedies...

Detoxification of the liver and gallbladder to restore normal function, in:

  1. Tuesday to Sunday noon (5½ days) eat normal meals and drink as much apple juice as possible between meals
  2. Three hours after Sunday lunch take two teaspoon of Disodium Phosphate (laxative) dissolved in a small amount of hot water. Follow with a little citrus juice.
  3. Two hours later repeat step 2
  4. For evening meal only citrus fruit and natural citrus juice.
  5. At Bedtime ½ cup of warm, unrefined olive oil blended with ½ cup of lemon juice.
  6. Go immediately to bed, lie on right side with right knee pulled up to chest for 30 minutes.
  7. Next morning repeat step 2, 1 hour Before breakfast.
  8. Continue with the recommended diet.
  • Some nausea may occur at step 5 but should slowly disappear.
  • Small gallstones will probably be found in stools on Tuesday. They are green, irregular shape, gelatinous, grapeseed to cherry size.
  • May have to repeat procedure for people over 40.
  • If there are a large number of stones, repeat in 2 weeks.