SYN: blood poisoning (usually of foot or hand)


from Hydrothermic Remedies...

"Blood Poison" a dangerous condition where a red streak moves up the limb from a wound. This is an attempt by the body to confine a bacterial infection to the lymph system and prevent septicemia.

If hydrotherapy is performed quickly antibiotics are often not needed but if fever and pain and the red streak continue after treatment see a doctor immediately.


  • Alternate Baths to the limb. Hot as tolerated and cold as possible. Immerse the whole limb if possible.
    • Continue for 30 minutes.
  • After baths cover wound with a large Charcoal Poultice



from Dr GK Abbott's Prescriptions...

Symptoms: red lines extending up limb from an infected cut or scratch also swelling, blue skin, tenderness

Vigorous treatment in reasonably early stage rarely fails.

Treat by:

  • Fluxion:
    • Alternating Applications for limbs this is two containers large enough to immerse limb
      • as hot as tolerable, add as needed and ice water in the other (can add 1-2mls of potassium permanganate to cold water and 5- 10mls of oxalic acid)
      • 1½-2 min in hot, 15-30 sec in cold repeated for 30min, repeat whole treatment up to 5x daily times as required
    • lance if extreme swelling or suppuration
  • If not possible to immerse - Alternate Pail Pour