Wet Girdle

SYN: moist abdominal bandage or abdominal heating compress or umshlag


from Dr JH Kellogg's Hydriatic Techniques...


  • Dry Friction over the part where poor cold tolerance or poor reaction


  • Cover nipple line to hips with linen bandage 20cm wide, 3m long
  • Then a flannel bandage 30cm wide 3m long and protected by impervious material (thick plastic)
  • Concentrate the bulk of the bandage on the area where the most effect is wanted.


Very cold, wrung dry, thin covering of flannel only - renew every 3-4hrs in

Revulsive :

15-21°C water, wrung dry, well covered with flannel and usually impervious covering - in

Contra-indications to the Protected Wet Girdle

Use only flannel cover in :


from Dr GK Abbott's Prescriptions...

  • one thickness of linen 20cm wide wrung nearly dry from cold water just over one time around the abdomen
  • outer flannel girdle 30cm wide, same length, placed across the bed then linen placed on it
  • patient lies down on bandage so the lower edge is just below the iliac crests
  • follow same procedure as for heating compress. leave on overnight
  • if patient is weak then only wet linen over the abdomen
  • for protected girdle cover with plastic - produces more profuse sweating - will still be wet in morning

in Insomnia

  • Worn all night - dry by morning if properly applied
  • Must not produce chilliness - warms up quickly
  • If produces fidgets remove immediately