Hot Coil

SYN: Winternitz coil


from Dr GK Abbott's Prescriptions...

Same as Cooling Coil but with hot water


Not as used as Cooling Coil for poor digestion

A coil of rubber tubing 25-30cm in diameter with hot water flowing through it

  • bed is covered with a dry blanket then a doubled sheet, wrung from ice water, to wrap around the trunk
  • the patient lies prone, one side of the sheet is wrapped tightly around the chest and abdomen
  • place coil on abdomen over sheet, the other end is then wrapped around trunk over the coil
  • wrap patient well in blanket
  • send a small amount of 57°C water through coil from centre outwards
  • continue 30min- 3hrs for very slow, poor digestion
  • Hot Water Bottle 58-60°C may be used in place of coil