Roller Chest Pack

Heating Compress
Applying Roller Chest Pack


from Hydrothermic Remedies...


  1. Cotton cloth 20 cm wide and 2 m long, or better, a cotton T-shirt
  2. Flannel (2 layers) or towel 23cm wide and 2.30 cm long, or better, a thick, close-fitting pullover, jumper.


In addition to the general procedure for Heating Compresses

  • Wring cotton cloth in cold water and loosely roll like a bandage.
  • Stand at front of the patient and apply the compress beginning under the right arm. Unroll the cloth diagonally across the front of the chest and over the left shoulder, then obliquely across the back, under the right arm and directly across the front of the chest, under the left arm, across the back, over the right shoulder and fastened under the transverse cross piece.
  • The cloth must be firmly applied at all places, but not so tight that as to restrict breathing.
  • The flannel is applied in the same order as the cotton, making sure the the wet cloth is well covered, and then securely fastened with safety pins.
  • The pack should be comfortable and should feel warm in a very short time.


from Dr JH Kellogg's Hydriatic Techniques...

A long strip of cheesecloth, 3 thicknesses, (or linen 1 or 2 thicknesses) different widths kept ready for use.

For Chest: 25cm wide, 2.5m long.

  • Roll loosely, wrung from 15°C water apply in figure 8 up over shoulder.
  • Pull up transverse section and pin.
  • Cover well with 30cm wide bandage.

For Spinal Pack: cheese-cloth bandage, 30cm wide, 3 thicknesses, 4m long