Neutral Electric Baths

SYN: Hydro-electric, electrothermal, thermo-electric or electro-hydric baths.


from Dr GK Abbott's Prescriptions...

Includes :-

  • Neutral water temperature
  • Patient is completely immersed, head out and resting on air pillow and kept cool with a cold wet towel.
  • Electrodes hang from side of the tub so they can be placed at any position along the sides or at the feet.
  • Treatment begins with one electrode at a foot, the other near the opposite arm.
  • Turn up to comfortable tolerance.
  • Time: 5-20min
  • At half the time, reverse the electrodes to other foot and opposite arm.


  • Check repair of all equipment before beginning treatment.
  • To avoid shock current must be off as patient steps in or out.
  • Keep all equipment clean and dry and do not handle switches with wet hands.