Spanish Influenza


from Dr GK Abbott's Prescriptions...

The epidemic of 1918 and 1919

see Pneumonia for influenzal pneumonia


  • Bacteraemia
  • Bacterial Toxaemia - can cause death in 1-2 days
  • Acidosis from suboxidation
  • Leucopenia - 3000-4000 white blood cells
  • Toxic Vasomotor Paresis causing extreme vascular dilation and death
  • Active Chest Congestion and Pneumonia - inflammatory - oedema type
  • lungs filled with fluid

Treatment Method:

First treatment: to sweating for 5-10min, if no complications present


  • Later treatments should not continue to sweating instead are brief and vigorous.
  • Patient must stay in bed, even for toileting and at least 3 days after temperature becomes normal.
  • Patient must be kept warm at all times, extra blankets and
  • Hot Water Bottle if needed, to prevent Active Chest Congestion and Pneumonia.
  • Enema given