Treating Inflammations


from Dr GK Abbott's Prescriptions...

see Analgesics

Acute stage:

  • Arterial hyperaemia
  • Serous exudate, lymph with higher protein levels
  • Increased leucocytes in blood stream and in tissues (return to blood stream more slowly)
  • Local bright redness, erythema
  • Severe, often throbbing pain (from swelling)


  • Limit congestion
  • Hasten exudate absorption and prevent further exudation
  • Assist leucocytes
  • Relieve pain

Achieved by Derivation:

  • Continuous extreme cold over the part with only short intermissions
  • Collateral heat
  • If the cold does not work then it is either an Abscess or bone infection, osteomyelitis or Mastoiditis

Intermediate stage:

after a few hours or the next day

  • Circulation slows with blood accumulating in capillaries and veins
  • Less arterial blood present
  • Leucocytes slowly return to blood stream

Treat by:

  • Heating Compress replaced every 1-3 hours by
    • brief Fomentations becoming longer as inflammation becomes chronic
  • If abscess forms - lance and drain and move onto chronic stage


Chronic stage:

  • Venous congestion, passive hyperaemia
  • Early organisation of exudate
  • Dearth of leucocytes
  • Locally dark red or bluish
  • Less severe pain, now dull and heavy


  • Stimulate circulation by producing arterial hyperaemia
  • Stimulate phagocytosis
  • Promote resolution and absorption of exudate and prevent organisation

Achieved by Fluxion

  • Vigorous Alternating Applications (can be used after the first few hours if not in vital area where rupture could cause problems)