Peripheral Vascular Disease

SYN: Buerger's Disease, Thromboangiitis


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Threatened Gangrene


Treatment Method:


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Includes: Thromboangiitis obliterans (Buerger's disease), arteriosclerosis diabetic and non-diabetic

Gradual closure of blood vessels to the extremities, leading to hypoxia, muscle pain and in advanced cases, gangrene.

Early treatment: can give much relief

  • Stop smoking
  • Aseptic Diet
  • mild heat 34-35°C
  • Buerger's Exercises - one hour 1-2x a day.
  1. Patient lies prone. Raise affected leg 30-60° above the bed for 1½-3 min or until foot blanches. Then...
  2. Hang the foot over side of the bed for 2-5 min or until redness has been present for 1 min. While sitting patient performs foot circles to promote circulation. Then...
  3. Rest in horizontal for 3-5 min with mild heat applied.
  • Flowtron 40-80mmHg 2-4min on then 2min off, 2-4hrs a day to develop new blood vessels
  • Iontophoresis of histame or mecholyl